DevOpsing an Azure ServiceBus

DevOpsing an Azure ServiceBus

I was debating with a couple of DevOps people some approaches to monitoring an Azure Service Bus message queue for "stuck" content. It needed to be a solution that would fit in with the existing monitoring ecosystem and be able to talk to the Azure infrastructure directly. A custom Powershell Cmdlet seemed to fit on both counts.

After the discussion, I got to work on a little PowerShell Cmdlet to connect to a number of Service Bus namespaces and report on active and dead letter message counts.

It's a fairly simple piece of code, using Microsoft.ServiceBus.NamespaceManager to query individual queues (or all available queues) and output Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging.QueueDescription objects.

The control and flexibility of PowerShell wrapped around this little utility makes for a nice reusable tool with very little effort. I must investigate further in the coming weeks.

The new repo is here on github.