Favourite Books

Not all super-specifically all agile related but I thought I would put them all down in a list.

Growing Object Oriented Software Guided by Tests

Nat Pryce and Steve Freeman


Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby

Sandi Metz


This book believes in your desire to do good work and gives you the tools you need to best be of use.
It is completely practical and as such is, at its core, a book about how to write code that brings you joy.

Test Driven Development

By Example Kent Beck


The Pragmatic Programmer

Andy Hunt & David Thomas

pragmatic programmer

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

Andy Hunt

pragmatic thinking learning

The Elements of Style

William Strunk Jr and E.B. White

elements of style

Managing Humans

Michael Lopp

managing humans

Clean Code

Robert Martin

clean code

The Clean Coder

Robert Martin

clean coder

Agile Coaching

Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley

agile coaching

To help agile teams improve, you need to work with the individuals in the team. They’re the number one experts on how they work and why. Tap into their expertise to reveal what’s holding them back. Listen to their concerns and ideas one-on-one to give you insights on how they can improve. Give them feedback to help them see where they can improve

Agile Retrospectives

Esther Derby and Diana Larsen

agile coaching

Coaching Agile Teams

Lyssa Adkins

agile teams

Release It!

Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software Michael T. Nygard

release it

eXtreme Programming Explained

Embrace Change Kent Beck

xp explained


Productive Projects & Teams Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister


Behind Closed Doors

Johanna Rothman

behind closed doors

Manage It!

Johanna Rothman

manage it!

Manage Your Project Portfolio

Johanna Rothman

manage your project portfolio

Management 3.0

Jurgen Appelo

management 3.0

The Practice of Programming

Brian W. Kernighan & Rob Pike

p of p


Improving the Design of Existing Code Martin Fowler


Object Modelling

Strategies, Patterns & Applications Peter Coad, David North, Mark Mayfield


Working Effectively with Legacy Code

Michael Feathers

working effectively

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

Ed. Kevlin Henney

97 things

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Harold Abelson


The Sketchnote Handbook

Mike Rohde


Brain Rules

John Medina

brain rules

A Mind of it's Own

Cordelia Fine


The Mythical Man-month

Essays on Software Engineering Frederick P. Brooks Jr.

mythical man month