MobProgramming comes to Newcastle

On the 8th of September 2016, in a joint effort from NE Bytes and Agile North East, Woody Zuill came to talk to us about Mob Programming.


Woody was passing through the UK on his “world tour” and agreed to visit us after a gig in Leeds.


Woody presented to a packed house of devs, business analysts, testers and agilists at Campus North’s Bunker Coffee House, talking about the inception of Mob Programming at Hunter Industries, how it has spread around the world and how best to do adopt it in your team.


Woody also talked about the reasons for doing mob programming, the different styles possible, ways that other teams organize their development environments and discussed how LLewellyn Falco’s Strong Pairing is ideally suited to the Mob Programming style.


As usual, I sat at the back and took notes:


We’d love to have Woody back another time, maybe to talk about #NoEstimates :)