Blinking C++

Following hard on the heels of the last post, I decided to try to implement one of the other canonical examples from the MicroPython world, blinking one of the LEDs on and off repeatedly.

In MicroPython we would typically create a “forever” while loop and turn on the centre LED, wait a while, turn it off, wait again and repeat. In C++, that translates pretty faithfully to:

Again, the way that the objects are built is very anti-Law-of-Demeter but at least keeps all the components in a sort of logical structure. Changing pixel values is done by chaining calls through objects: Microbit -> Display -> Image -> SetPixelValue.

The other thing to note is that in MicroPython the values 0..9 are used for LED off and full brightness. In the C++ version, the values are in the range 0..255.