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Minecraft PortKey

What’s programming without an occasional Harry Potter/Minecraft mashup? In the Harry Potter universe, a Portkey is a magical teleportation device which is disguised as an ordinary, everyday object. Touch the object and it automatically teleports you to a matching location. How would we do this in Minecraft?

import mcpi.minecraft as minecraft
import mcpi.block as block
import random
import time

world = minecraft.Minecraft.create()

# place a portkey in a "random" place.
portkey_x = 0
portkey_z = 0
portkey_y = world.getHeight(portkey_x, portkey_z)

# clear some space around the port key
world.setBlocks(portkey_x - 10, portkey_y, portkey_z - 10, 
                portkey_x + 10, portkey_y + 10, portkey_z + 10, 

portkey_block = block.CHEST
world.setBlock(portkey_x, portkey_y, portkey_z, portkey_block)

destination_x = random.randint(-50, 50)
destination_z = random.randint(-50, 50)
destination_y = world.getHeight(destination_x, destination_z)

while True:
  playerTile = world.player.getTilePos()
  blockType = world.getBlock(playerTile.x, playerTile.y, playerTile.z)

  if blockType == portkey_block:
    world.postToChat("port key activated...")
    world.postToChat("hold on!")
    world.player.setPos(destination_x, destination_y + 5, destination_z)


The portkey is triggered if you stand on the object. The other way we could trigger it is by hitting the object and poll for the hits using the API.