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Playing Cards with Snakes

Another random discussion in our regular coding dojo led me to think about representing individual playing cards and decks of cards in python. Playing cards... Read more

Microbit Infection

Infection is a multi-player game that can be played using the radio to model the spread of an infection through a population. I couldn’t find... Read more

Microbit Beacons

Radio on the microbit is one of it’s best features for interactivity between learners. Here I’ll show a couple of examples of using the radio... Read more

RC Microbit

Building on the Motor and BitBot classes, I decided to build a remote control for the bitbot so I can drive it using the radio... Read more

Microbit Racing

Racing fleas is a fun pastime, especially when those fleas are actually microbit pixels and no harm is done to actual fleas. Let’s build a... Read more


I’m teaching another course of ‘Coding for Absolute Beginners’ using the BBC microbit and python to explain what programming is, what it looks like, how... Read more

Building a Chat Bot

Clearing out some old projects from years ago, I came across a console app that uses AIML bot, an open source project to build a... Read more

Build Monitor on Raspberry Pi

I’m starting a small but slightly ambitious project, around integrating several bits of technology that I’ve never had fully working together so in the spirit... Read more


Running an Azure classic cloud service, which at the top level is a big while(true) block, one sometimes needs to run an action sometimes and... Read more

Tracing Failed IIS Requests

Today, after some frustrating debugging IIS and rewrite rules not matching what was expected, I learned that IIS can log out the match process and... Read more


A new tool (to me) is ngrok a command line tool and online service to allow you to map an external url to a local... Read more

Microbit Ghost Detector

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a ghost detector that uses the microbit temperature sensor to sense changes in ambient temperature - which we all... Read more

Tiny Lisp Implementations

I wanted to mention a couple of awesome walkthroughs - one old, one newer - dealing with a subject I always find fascinating, writing interpreters... Read more

Project Euler

Project Euler Problem #1 is listing all natural numbers under 1000 and summing those divisible by 3 or 5. Kind of like a maths fizz... Read more

Minecraft PortKey

What’s programming without an occasional Harry Potter/Minecraft mashup? In the Harry Potter universe, a Portkey is a magical teleportation device which is disguised as an... Read more

Alan Kay and OOP

OOP to me means only messaging, local retention and protection and hiding of state-process, and extreme late-binding of all things. It can be done in... Read more

FizzBuzz in Elixir

Here’s the result of a recent junior dev coding dojo, tackling fizz buzz in a totally new language for us - elixir. Read more

Slow Down

You periodic reminder to stop implementing code as fast as possible and slow down, maybe write a unit test or two :) Read more

Blinking C++

Following hard on the heels of the last post, I decided to try to implement one of the other canonical examples from the MicroPython world,... Read more

Hello, Pygame

Having exhausted everything there is to do with plain old Python, the Raspberry Pi, BBC micro:bit (ok, maybe not :), one area of Python that... Read more

Hello, Minecraft

I’m going to be doing some tinkering with Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi. Specifically, writing some code to do some building using the Python interface.... Read more

Microbit Life

Conway’s Game of Life is a programming classic used in katas, to teach TDD ideas and even features in the annual code retreat events around... Read more

Windows Installers for the Lazy

If you’ve ever installed any software for Windows using an installer wizard, you will no doubt have experienced the mild annoyance of filling in ticked... Read more

Computing Text Similarity

A part of the implementation of the NDifference project is finding similarities between pieces of code, specifically finding the closest match between several candidates for... Read more

Html Link Validation

Writing documentation in html for processing into help files with tools like Sandcastle and Sandcastle Help File Builder means that it’s easy to get links... Read more

MsBuild Target Order

MsBuild version 4.0 introduced two new Target attributes: BeforeTargets and AfterTargets. Prior to v4.0 if you wanted to run some tasks before or after a... Read more