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Microbit Infection

Infection is a multi-player game that can be played using the radio to model the spread of an infection through a population. I couldn’t find... Read more

Microbit Beacons

Radio on the microbit is one of it’s best features for interactivity between learners. Here I’ll show a couple of examples of using the radio... Read more

Microbit Racing

Racing fleas is a fun pastime, especially when those fleas are actually microbit pixels and no harm is done to actual fleas. Let’s build a... Read more


I’m teaching another course of ‘Coding for Absolute Beginners’ using the BBC microbit and python to explain what programming is, what it looks like, how... Read more

Microbit Ghost Detector

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a ghost detector that uses the microbit temperature sensor to sense changes in ambient temperature - which we all... Read more

Blinking C++

Following hard on the heels of the last post, I decided to try to implement one of the other canonical examples from the MicroPython world,... Read more

Microbit Life

Conway’s Game of Life is a programming classic used in katas, to teach TDD ideas and even features in the annual code retreat events around... Read more