Moving to Github

A long, long time ago, my initial forays into the open source .Net eco-system were done on codeplex. I was initially attracted by the codeplex team's blogging of their development, their use of scrum to iteratively build out the platform and features like hosting binaries and download management as well as source code hosting.

I was one of the first adopters of their Hg option for source repository and I found the conversion experience quick and easy. I asked for my repo to be converted by email, someone from codeplex emailed me back and it was done. Magic!

That was my first introduction to using DVCS in anger since hearing about bazaar at an ACCU conference and I've never looked back.

Since my conversion (and using TFS at work re-inforced this) I have been experimenting with other DVCS and getting more and more fond of git.

Now that I have my blog over at github, I think I'm going to take the leap and move my open source projects over here and try to reduce the spread of them across lots of different services.