My Coding Dojo Checklist

I have been running a series of TDD-focussed coding dojos for a while now, mainly using the brilliant cyber-dojo platform developed by Jon Jagger.

I'm hoping to be a lot more regular with them over the next few months but at present they are just infrequent enough that I always seem to forget something in the setup to the session.

Checklists to the rescue! This is the current checklist I run through before starting a coding dojo session. Hopefully it will be useful to someone else.

Once you decide to run a dojo use this checklist:

  • Find interested attendees
  • Agree a venue and date
  • Check venue has enough space for all attendees and a few spares
  • Check wifi and network coverage for venue.
  • Check electrical outlets for venue.
  • Book venue for correct date.
  • Book food, projector and other "extras".
  • Write the agenda
    • Expectations for the session
    • How long the session will last?
    • What equipment participants need to bring (if any)?
    • Which programming language(s)?
    • What experience level is required?
    • Which problem/kata to try?
  • Send invitations and add date to calendar
  • Print instructions and/or cheatsheets for everyone

Immediately before the dojo starts use this checklist:

  • Check cyber-dojo is online
  • Bring personal laptop
  • Bring projector
  • Bring Instructions/Cheatsheets
  • Bring Biscuits!