TDD Steps

I'm currently running a series of weekly cyber-dojo sessions for some of our testers who are working towards becoming developers so that they can get a feel for working on code and doing TDD.

Each week we pick a kata and implement it in pairs or randori style with a projector. To keep everyone focussed on the task at hand I wrote the following "program" to explain the TDD process in simple terms.

10 Think about what you want to achieve 20 Write a little test for what you need 30 Run the tests and make sure this test fails 40 Write just enough code to make the test pass 50 Run the tests and make sure this test passes 60 Can anything be improved? 70 Make improvements 80 Run the tests again 90 Goto 10

Of course, if I were serious about TDD, I should have written tests around this too ;)