Sketchnoting at DDDNorth 2015

Sketchnoting at DDDNorth 2015

DDD North

This year's Developer Developer Developer North conference ran on the 24th of October 2015. I was speaking there for the first time and chose sketchnoting for developers as my topic. At Richard Dalton's suggestion, the organizers put my talk right at the start of the conference so delegates would get the chance to try out their new skills for rest of the day.


I pitched this talk for all developers regardless of drawing ability so I thought it would be fun to encourage everyone at the talk to try it out at at least once.


A few weeks before, Mike Rohde had offered me a copy of the Sketchnote Handbook to give away so I set up a challenge at the end of my talk. The challenge was to sketchnote any talk during the conference and tweet a picture of it with the #dddnorth hashtag, I would then pick one at random to win the book. Here are the submissions we had:

I picked one at random and it was Luke Stringer's tweet that won.

Luke with his prize

Thanks to Mike Rohde and the good folk at Pearson Education for the book and to Andrew Westgarth and the whole DDDNorth team for another excellent conference. Thanks also to Jeannel King, Nadine Rossa and all the sketchnoters who gave permission to include examples of their work in my talk.


The story was featured at Sketchnote Army :)