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How Do I Unix?

Slides for a presentation I did to some Windows-only junior devs on the joys of Linux and Unix, alternatively titled: "Unix for the Terrified". Read more

08 April 2017


Reveal.js Cheatsheet

I've started using [reveal.js]( and wanted to collect together and share a couple of keyboard shortcuts I have used when giving presentations with it. Read more

06 October 2015


Think Different

Dave Thomas' Keynote from Elixir Conf 2014, ["Think Different"]( from [confreaks]( Read more

10 August 2014



The concept of Less Code, More Software, expressed brilliantly by [Jon Jagger]( is a goal I always have in mind when developing and solving problems.... Read more

12 July 2014


All the Little Things

Carrying on the series of [Sandi Metz's]( talks, here's ["All the Little Things"]( from [confreaks]( Read more

10 May 2014


Go Ahead Make a Mess

Another of [Sandi Metz's]( talks, ["Go Ahead, Make a Mess"]( about using OO techniques to limit the impact of messy, complicated code. From [confreaks]( Read more

09 May 2014


The Magic Tricks of Testing

Here's a video of [Sandi Metz's]( presentation ["The Magic Tricks of Testing"]( from [confreaks]( Read more

19 March 2014