It's imperative that you learn a functional language

Erland 250 years of development into making it rock solid OS.

Elixir sounds exotic but it borrows from languages (and others have borrowed from it) so that it doesn't seem too scary.

Coding dojo - find a nice language that nobody knows anything about.

Hard to understand - not c like syntax - like C# or java

Parallel processing

Hard multitasking is easy No cooperative multiataksing like in old windows - crashes if someone forgets to play by the rules

Documentation Execution speed FUnction overloading parameter values not number of variables

Pipeliniong like in unix or powershell

Pattern matching

client and server code communication


ORM, Query is weird but not difficult

Distribution package manager

.Net Notes for It's imperative that you learn a functional language

Moore's law - c++ accu Herb

Actor mOdel - OO programming - Alan Kay

Kevlin Henney - quadrant diagram, shared state, no shared state, writable data, shared writable

Alan Kay objects talking - multi - promise of micro services

pi zero webserver

and switch £5 computers