Executing SQL Scripts in PowerShell are GO

Another quick snippet showing how to split a SQL script at the GO statements to execute a potentially large set of script in smaller chunks - and be better able to work out which piece went wrong.

Import-Module "sqlps" -DisableNameChecking

# Run these scripts in order...
$SqlFiles = @(

# Using a trusted connection...
$SqlServer = "MyMachine\MyInstance"
$SqlDatabase = "MyNewDatabase"

$SqlFiles | ForEach-Object {

    $SqlFile = $_

    Write-Host "Running Script $SqlFile"

	# Read each group of statements separated by a "go"
    Get-Content $SqlFile -Delimiter "GO" | ForEach-Object { 
		$SqlStatement = $_ 
		Write-Host $SqlStatement
		Invoke-Sqlcmd $SqlStatement -ServerInstance $SqlServer -Database $SqlDatabase 

This is for illustration only so I’m using Write-Host. Obviously if I was a serious PowerShell person I would use Write-Verbose or Write-Progress.