Tiny Asteroids for Microbit

Asteroids is a game I used to love to play on the old Atari 2600 console.


Even though the graphics are pretty basic by modern standards, the microbit can’t hope to come anywhere near it because of its minimal graphical capability.

Or can it?


Cutting the game down to its minimum to work on a 5x5 screen meant that we could only have one asteroid on the screen at a time and couldn’t really support driving around the screen the way that the original ship did.


Asteroids are represented as single dots with random brightness and enter at a random position at the top of the screen, travelling down the screen until the reach the bottom. Each time an asteroid reaches the bottom of the screen, a new one is generated at the top.

The ship is represented as a fully bright dot in the centre at the bottom of the screen. The buttons A and B can be used to move the ship left and right to avoid the moving asteroids.


The game ends when an asteroid crashes into the ship. Rather than just displaying something like as sad face as game over, I put a little bit of time into creating an explosion or firework animation with dots radiating out from the crash and gradually fading from normal brightness down to nothing.


Here’s the finished code:

This might be my most ambitious game for the microbit even though the tiny screen does mean that representing the ship and the asteroids are not a satisfying as I would have wanted.

I’m most proud of the end of game explosion showing the asteroid crashing into the ship. It wasn’t hard to do and offers a nice little flourish to the minimalist experience :)