Two Examples of Sketchnoting Inception

Two Examples of Sketchnoting Inception

Ordinarily, the way sketchnotes work is that you are capturing and distilling ideas and information from a talk or similar event and presenting them on paper. Twice recently that
process got turned on its head or inside out or something and the sketchnotes became the topic of conversation.

First, I stumbled on a video of a talk by Geoff Bowden at the 2015 Agile Yorkshire Christmas lightning talks meeting, titled "Sketchnoting Agile One Doodle at A Time", in which Geoff credits seeing my talk at DDD North in October 2015. I had no idea that I was going to be mentioned and it was a little surreal hearing my own name but still, super cool!

Next, I sketchnoted a slightly controversial talk by Dan North about how lots of the SOLID guidelines are redundant, wrong or just overly complicated.

This got a huge (for me) storm of feedback about how it was completely wrong, we didn't understand any of it etc. etc. One nice interaction was from Eduardo Ferro Aldama who asked if he could use the sketchnote to illustrate a point in his upcoming talk at the Barcelona Software Craftsmanship conference.

Once the conference was finished he was kind enough to point me to his blog post and the video on youtube.