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Computing Text Similarity

A part of the implementation of the [NDifference]( project is finding similarities between pieces of code, specifically finding the closest match between several candidates for... Read more

30 May 2014


Html Link Validation

Writing documentation in html for processing into help files with tools like [Sandcastle]( and [Sandcastle Help File Builder]( means that it's easy to get links... Read more

29 May 2014


Self Hosted WebServer using OWIN

I've been playing about with [OWIN]( and [Katana]( recently and was pleasantly surprised with [how easy it was]( to get up and running serving static... Read more

20 May 2014


Unit Testing with HttpClient

I've been moving some code away from depending on [RestSharp]( and moving to the new [System.Net.Http.HttpClient]( in .Net 4.5 to improve security (and that's another... Read more

08 May 2014


Creating Jekyll Posts

Being a good programmer, [I am told](, is all about being lazy. So, I got bored with creating posts by hand and wrote a little... Read more

28 January 2014