Travis supports C# CI

It's great news that my favourite cloud CI service, Travis CI now supports C# directly.

Previously, I detailed how you could trick it into working with C#. Now they have added direct support for it and even support for NUnit or XUnit.

Even though this is only a beta deployment, it feels like a massive step forward. I hae all of my code building at commit time AND I have unit tests as well!

Changes to .travis.yml

Gone is the need to convince travis that this is a C project. We can at last proudly proclaim it to be C#. Another big change is that we don't have to direct it to install mono, it's already done for us.

language: csharp solution: NDiffference.sln

install: - nuget restore NDifference.sln - nuget install xunit.runners -Version 1.9.2 -OutputDirectory testrunner

script: - xbuild /p:Configuration=Release NDifference.sln - mono ./testrunner/xunit.runners.1.9.2/tools/xunit.console.clr4.exe ./tests/UnitTests/bin/Release/NDifference.UnitTests.dll

One thing to note, NDifference is built against v4 of the .Net runtime so I had to make sure that I started the correct xunit console runner.


Here's how Travis does the build now:



Currently, all my tests pass when run on a Windows machine but not when run in Travis. I will investigate the differences and report back.

Build Status

Here's how Travis thinks NDifference is performing:

Build Status